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Benefitsology™ is a place where you can learn about benefits and discover perfect solutions for your business.

Learn 8 different ways to save money and why nobody is talking about the 30% - 50% tax rebate!

Learn how to attract and retain competitive workforce with new benefits.

57% of employees say benefits are a top consideration when accepting a position.

Learn how long term goals are converted into short term objectives, ultimately hitting the target.

It’s Time To Expect More From Your Benefits

It’s time to have custom solutions for all your health care management needs, including benefit plan analysis, contribution strategies, health and wellness education and training, claims analysis, developing employee policies and consumer driven programs that are tailored specifically for each business.

Benefits 101

Here are easy-to-read materials to help employees learn and retain basic benefits information.

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Benefits Bulletins 2019

Benefits Bulletin is a quarterly newsletter that covers hot benefits topics in depth. Bulletins will be distributed in January, April, July and October.

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Benefitsology Trends in 2019

Benefitsology™ Trends is a monthly insight that features hot benefits topics.

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2019 Live Well, Work Well

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Employee Consumerism Education

Here you will find a collection of materials designed to help employees become more educated consumers of health care.

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Important Deadlines and Reminders for 2019

Read the latest news related to employee benefit plans, including industry updates and deadlines. 

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Why BenefitsologY?

Benefitsology™ process has emphasis on consumerism and education where most benefit programs lack. With my economics and efficiency background, I have a strong opinion that the future of employee benefits will need to rely heavily on ability for each of us to shop and compare. Transparency has to occur. The optimum end result is as unique as the company that is being reviewed. It is more than study of employee benefits but also can include reviews of some business processes.

Discover Benefitsology

Benefitsology™ is the unique and proprietary study and analysis of employee benefits. Benefitsology™ is more than identifying activities to control health care costs and promote a healthy work environment for employees.


  • 4 in 5 employees would prefer new benefits over a pay raise.
  • Most employers say that the 2 biggest challenges they face are controlling benefits costs and attracting and retaining a competitive workforce.
  • 62% of employers report increased healthcare insurance premiums since their last renewal and 25% report an increase of at least 10%.

the NOT SO obvious thinGS (to do)

There is just too much at stake when considering the obvious, and not obvious benefits. High premiums with lower deductibles, or lower premiums with higher deductibles. At the core, these are the obvious. Not so obvious are the ability to mix and match employer value statement, objectives, succession planning with consumerism, education, engagement, health plans, gap plans, HSA’s, HRA’s, partial self funding, executive plans and other.


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